Our Services

Grace Family Dental is qualified in a wide variety of dental procedures.  If your teeth are crooked, damaged, discolored or missing, we can correct and restore them using techniques that include veneers, whitening, cosmetic bonding, or porcelain crowns. Whether you are looking for a teeth cleaning, suffering from a toothache, or in search of that picture-perfect smile, we can help. Give us a call today to set up your initial consultation.

Our staff is pleased to offer a variety of dental services in Salt Lake City, ranging from professional preventive care to modern cosmetic dentistry. Here are just some of the comprehensive services we provide:


 When cavities occur, dental fillings replace decayed portions of affected teeth to prevent further damage. Composite (white) fillings are now more popular than amalgam or silver fillings because they’re less prone to cracking the tooth and have a more attractive appearance.


If a filling has degraded and fallen out, it will leave behind a sensitive pit in the area it once filled. A temporary solution is to fill the area with dental cement or wax (found in most drugstores) until you can see a dentist.


A broken, fractured, or chipped tooth can become infected unless you see a dentist as soon as possible—especially if you experience persistent pain, which can indicate nerve damage in the tooth.


Smile-Make-Over (Veneers) are a cosmetic procedure that covers discolored or otherwise malformed teeth with a beautiful, natural-looking exterior. Veneers are easy to apply and popular for their outstanding visual results with minimal alterations to your original teeth.


Toothaches occur when the nerve of the affected tooth is irritated and can be accompanied by bleeding, swelling, temperature sensitivity, and pain while chewing. Depending on the severity of the toothache and its underlying cause, antibiotics and pain medication will be subscribed to relive symptoms, but extractions or root canal therapy are potential solutions as well.


When teeth are removed or missing, dental implants will maintain the structure of your face while preventing the bone deterioration that occurs where a tooth is absent.  Implants consist of a metal anchor that bonds to your jawbone, substituting for the root of your tooth, and an artificial tooth that’s matched to your existing teeth and mounted on the anchor.


If someone loses the majority of their teeth due to trauma, periodontal disease, or other causes, then complete or partial dental prosthetics can restore one’s facial appearance as well as the ability to chew and speak without impediment. Dentures can replace all the teeth in a single arch or can be fitted around remaining teeth (similar to a bridge).


Whiter and brighter teeth is a common desire, and there are a variety of systems for creating a more vibrant smile. Our Grace Family Dental office can supply home whitening systems that use bleaching trays and whitening gel to achieve a healthy glow within a few weeks.